Monday, May 25, 2015

festival belia putrajaya 2015 #fbp2015

At the last hour I decided to accept JYi's invitation to pop over to Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 for a mosey.

I had read on my Facebook feed that my homegirls Eats, Shoots and Roots will be hosting a Plant Mixology in collaboration with Dewakan so it was decided that that would be our first stop.

Snipping off some kemangi (lemon basil).

Friday, May 15, 2015

annual angie installation: happy mother's day 2015

As you know, (almost) every year (started here in 2009 and here's the last in 2014) I put up a birthday + Mother's Day installation and this year is no different albeit serba kekurangan.

There were NO flowers left post-mother's day which was a boo on my part but happy to know lotsa mummies got blooms this year. It was such a sad sight that the lone auntie in the cold room choosing flowers for a hand bouquet actually had to verbally express her frustration to me.  I absolutely empathized. I made do with whatever that was left: roses and lilies.

Also surprised her with the much coveted Chiffon Pink Le Creuset pot with a Feu de Touch Tocca candle as company. This year the theme is La Vie en Rose.

Pretty in pink! Surely even the humble Maggi Mee would taste gourmet in a pink pot?

Needless to say she enjoyed it thoroughly :) And that's all that matters.

Everything I am I owe it to my mother.
(Except the eyes. The eyes I got from Polkadotz Lens)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the generation that belongs nowhere (part 1?)

I never knew what Pan Mee was until I was 16. Seriously. I would see these stalls at the breakfast hawker centres (oh you know.. just your regular neighbourhood hawker centres or when I was young O&S. Yup O& fking S where you would wait half an hour to get a table and another half before your food would arrive. Sometimes the Loh Bak uncle would forget your order and you'd be waiting like a moron for something that was never going to come. I digress). Yes, so Pan Mee. Pan and mee. Noodle in a pan? Like fried noodles? I was always curious as to what they were but being a regular Chinese kid is pretty much eating whatever your mother orders you. You don't really question stuff when you're a child. I can probably understand where my mother was coming from with regards to her executive decisions when it came to ordering food. Finances were tight when the family was starting out so it made much more sense to always order the comfort food they know rather than take a chance of a dive into the unknown gastronomical abyss. I get that but boy was I missing out on the world.